Thursday, April 28, 2011

THINGS I LIKE /// The Second
FLORAL CROWNS /// It's spring time, so I re-started my early-morning work-out sessions in the park and just realized how beautiful, green, fresh and multicoloured nature already became. I always wish I could stay in the woods forever, lying in the green grass, enjoying this beautiful flowery smell while reading a book and doing nothing at all. But just because this is impossible, doesn't mean that I couldn't at least take something of this beauty with me. So I lately started to bring bunches of flowers to the office. And they turned out to offer the perfect spare time activity for us ladies: braiding our own floral crowns and wreaths. Oh, we had so much fun these days and felt like little girls again - the perfect journey through time that even looks totally luscios by the way. If you want to try it yourself (and rather get one that doesn't shrivel into these miserable ones as mine) follow this nice inspiring tutorial by bleubirdvintage.
PLAITED BEAUTY /// While a lot of my friends rather go for short cuts in summer, I belong to those who try to make the most of their long hair. Simple tails can be nice but also quite tiring and boring after a bit, so I prefer plaited hairstyles and just felt in love with that one. They are so gorgeous and not at all as complicated as they seem. Though I am of course still far away of being that good yet, I keep on practicing and hope to wear my hair like that one day. For this style you might need a friends help, but there are a lot of easier ones you can do on your own. For more informations and some basic tutorials click here.

DRESSES by ALEXANDER McQUEEN /// The british fashion designer and bad-boy (most of you might know him for his famous skull-scarfs)has always been one of my favourites, and yesterday I just found this great asymmetric dress with a removable scottish skirt at ASOS. In combination with the jeans-vest it is just so stunning and now I can't get it out of my head anymore (of course it is way out of my price range, though it is already on sale). Anyway, I just love his controversial, provocative but still so poetic styles. They make me speechless over and over again (and this is definitely a really rare thing)and inspired me to try a lot of similar combinations on my own. It's a pitty that the world lost a genius like he was last year!
STREET ART by ALEXANDRE FARTO /// The Portuguese Graffiti- and Street-Artist with the tag name VHILS is one of the best recent artists I know. While everyone keeps talking about Banksy these days, I think he is the actual upcoming insider people should start paying attention to. At the young age of 21, he already has created a huge and breathtaking body of work, both in the street and in the gallery, and it seems like he is becoming the next big thing in the contemporary art scene (hopefully and definitely for a good reason).
Above all he is really famous for his experimentation with unique mediums and techniques. His works involve the process of reverse stenciling, carving beautifully portraits and slogans into walls. By taking inspiration from the homeless and poor, Vhils work is closely connected to the social environment of Lisbon and reminds me of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
So far... Love, Steph

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