Tuesday, April 12, 2011

THINGS I LIKE /// The very 1st!

Source: Levis.com
COLOURED DENIM by LEVIS /// Who says jeans have to be blue...? No one, if we buy into Levi’s Summer 2011 collection which sticks to the upward trend that coloured denim still is the new blue. Whether coral pink, turquoise blue or yellow pastel - everything is possible as long as you wear it the boyfriend-kind of way, combined with simple shirts, biker- or blue denim-jackets! (And yes, even if my latest posts gave the impression that I am really into black and nude fashion lines, I also love it colourful).
Source: modabot.com
RACING BIKES /// It is spring already, summer isn't that far anymore either and little by little racing bikes celebrate their return to the streets. I admit that I am not that much into cycling, but they are just so lovely to watch, especially when good-looking handsome guys are riding them. Unnecessary to say that I certainly would love to have one myself, if they wouldn't be that incredibly expensive. I keep my eyes wide open and hope to finally find one affordable this year. And of course I wouldn't tell you all that if it hasn't anything to do with fashion, because it's not only the bike that matters, but also what you wear. Referring to that, the newest trend is called Velo Couteure and all about "fashion meets functionality". For more, check out: pretarouler.co.uk!

BLIND, 2011 /// Source: beatriceboyle.com
BEATRICE BOYLE /// I just felt in love with this bold artwork by Beatrice Boyle, that obviously transforms human distortion into wonderful weird paintings and prints. Her process has been initiated by ripping photos from magazines and creating stunning images of femme fatals, who seem tragically painful, disturbing and kind of sexy at once. I think I am going to dedicate her a whole own post soon, telling you some more about her great work.

Source: bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/blog/
BLEUBIRD VINTAGE /// My all-time favourite blog is the one by "Miss" James Kicinskidesigner and vintage collector, who is the sole buyer & lead stylist for the so-called bleubird vintage store. I love her vintage style inspired life & family and her really cute ideas about how to grade up daily grind with all these pretty things. She's been a big inspiration for me! And life in Texas always seems a little easier then somewhere else, so I definitely want to get to know this part of the U.S.! Check out her store and blog at bleubirdvintage, you gonna love it!

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