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It's almost new years! Wow! 2011 flew by fast, but I can say that I am ready for this one to start. I am not that much a fan of resolutions, since I always have too many anyway, but here are a few of plenty (things I don't take too serious, but it's always good to work on yourself and if new years help you with that, fine):
1. Become more organized.
2. Save money.
3. Read more books.
4. The two ones listed below...

Well, all in all I don't know where this upcoming year is gonna lead us to and to be honest - I don't care where it stops next! This is what I love about future... Having all these dreams but no idea how it will turn out in the end... It was an amazing past year, I am grateful for all the wonderful people I met, the good old friends and the new friends I made, everyone who walked into my life. An amazing year indeed. Heres to making 2012 even better!
No reason to hide... everything is gonna be fine...                         ///still in love with oversize vintage jumpers//
 Of course there are also a lot of doubts, I have no idea where they always come from, I guess this is just how it works. I'd sometimes love to run away from all this, to hide somewhere secret... But then it comes back - the lust for life. Still, it's fun to get away sometimes...
Jean-Michel Basquiat
NY - source: amypassion

NY, the city that never sleeps - my big 2012 adventure! The reason is the guy on the right - someone who became surprisingly important to me and who I want to find out more about... It's for him I came up with woman.made and it's for him I started my fashion studies. I have no idea where this research is gonna start, neither where it's supposed to end. But I am sure it will be quite exciting.

new category, new challenge, old dream

The other big project I am still working on is woman.made itself, coming up with a new category. I have always been an addict to vintage and am a passionate vintage collector myself - an obsession I would love to share with you. The logo is still in progress, but it's gonna turn out somehow like that...

source: anotherma
 No doubts about that, however it will turn out... can't wait for the new year to finally come.... Enjoy your new years eve parties everyone!!! Be safe.
xx, Steph

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