Friday, January 13, 2012

THINGS I LIKE /// Polaboy, Triangles & Neon Colours
I am still madly obsessed by triangles and fun ideas to present them. Starting my first own prints at my appartment turned into a big mess and my fingers not only got but stayed really black (just like these) for some time. I wished I had come up with this amazing picture while they looked like this, but unfortuantely I didn't. Anyways, I love dirty hands and these are just fantastic.
Summer is gonna be colourful and bright if we believe the recent fashioneditorials and lookbooks for the upcoming season. I am not too sure about these colours for clothes since I prefer more decent shades but still looking for the perfect nailpolish in mint and shiny yellow. Just haven't found the perfect one yet.
I am simply in love with this amazing artwork I found at one of the most beautiful web shops ever. It was made by Annie Costello Brown, who designed a diffusion line for Urban Outfitters and created a jewelry collection to accompany Yves Saint Laurent's Edition 24 line before beginning her own line in 2010. Her eponymous line of jewelry is crafted from leather and metal, with strong geometric shapes and small ethnic details. Every piece is handmade in her studio in Venice, California.

The Quiddiem Necklace shown above has original bronze castings and hand patinated brass tubes on mixed brass chain with die cut triangle of full grain burgundy leather. Oh an' surprise - it's a triangle again!
Polaboy is a luminous, large-scale Polaroid frame by Lightboys.

LIGHTBOYS are a pair of product designers and craftsmen from Hamburg who have been working on the idea of a light picture for the past few years. The result is POLABOY, a frame that illuminates and immortalizes your favorite Polaroid based memories.
Instead of letting your Polaroids languish away in a scrapbook you rarely look at, the company will reproduce the warm retro feel of yesterday’s analog photography by expanding your photos onto 35 or 42 inch wide prints that are interchangeable in the POLABOY LED lighted frame.

To launch the POLABOY concept, the team has joined colette and curated a selection of photos by friends, like Matt Jones, Todd Selby, Mark Borthwick, Olivier Zham and Terry Richardson, amongst others. Check them out at HERE.

Be safe!
xo, Steph

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