Tuesday, February 21, 2012

∆RT.W∆TCH /// Embroidered Illustrations by Nike Schroeder

  Fleshideal I (2009) * source: nikeschroeder.com
source: nikeschroeder.com
I am so in love with this raw, unfinished embroidered illustration work by Berlin-based artist Nike Schroeder, wondering why I haven't heard about her before. At her website her work is described as following:
Her work is composed carefully and extremely detailed and at the same time seemingly rough and unfinished, leaving the ends of the thread hanging out of the pictures like a possible accident. The loose thread adds an incidental component which is sometimes the result of coincedence and at other times the consequence of precise calculation. Either way the falling threads enrich the work with a movement, the association to gravity and the resemblance of possible body fluids such as blood.

source: nikeschroeder.com
Now, this amazing lady just finished a beautiful body of work entitled Berlin EG that captures moments from her everyday life in our beautiful city. I love the minimalistic quality and the unfinished strands that dangle from each piece giving it an off-balance sort of energy that really forces you to stop. A number of her works are currently on display at Urban Outfitters Berlin. Step by and have a look yourself!

xo, Steph

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