Thursday, May 10, 2012

BITS + PIECES /// The Relaunch

i haven't been very active here the last couple of weeks and am truly sorry for my long absence. there are several reasons for that, by and large it seems like there's a big relaunch going on in my life right now - a relaunch that is still keeping me very excited and busy. 

first and foremost i moved in with a very special person <3 - and after redoing the appartment for weeks i am now in possession of some very lovely new vintage furniture & lots of new selfmade interior treasuries. we are definitely more then satisfied with the result....

new kitchen the 1st, smells like spring in here - one of my favourite times a year
new kitchen the 2nd, selfmade kitchen shelves
new kitchen the 3rd, selfmade labelled kitchen jaws
new vintage ceiling lamp, 70ies cascade lightning
new original 70ies cord chairs
the good old antlers, my favourite wall decoration + fresh flowers
living room reloaded
i love the new lamps and chairs <3
selfmade clothing rack and memoboard - finally finished and on the right place
well, there are a lot of other things going on - i am planning a new online magazine with a very good friend (one of the best indeed), i gonna start a new work on monday (don't wanna say too much about that so far) and finally made up my mind about my summer vacation plans. all in all i had some very exciting and busy last weeks but will definitely return to constant posts from now on. back to life then...!
i so look forward to the upcoming summer, hope you all feel the same and we gonna share some fun stories! thx for stepping by!

stay beautiful,
xo stephka


  1. so lovely pics dear!:) kisses!

    1. thank you sweetheart! glad you like it! kisses back <3

  2. Oh wow! this DIY is phenomenal! I'm so glad you found me in IFB cause now I get to follow you on here :D
    check out my blog too!

  3. thanx a million carrie! checked out your blog and returned the favour. you got a great sense of style, love the outfit posts! très chic! stay in touch! xo, steph

  4. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous interior!

    Style Lounge

  5. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

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