Thursday, July 12, 2012


rain, rain, rain - it has been pouring on and off for days now and i am not sure how much more i can stand... i mean i have a love-hate-relationship with this wet weather. i love it because it cools temperatures down, things are green, lush and beautiful and i can stay insides - watching movies, having friends over for dinner, finishing overdue tasks.

on the other hand there is not much daylight and the darkness makes me feel lazy. so here i am, stuck indoors, for the most part at least. and here we are having to keep ourselves entertained.

i have read lots of books, watched too much prison break, reorganized the appartment over and over again, took care of the laundry, made and ate banana pancakes, threw banana pancakes, did more laundry (due the thrown banana pancakes) and last but not least: listened to new music. my latest addiction, something that kinda keeps my mood-level up and that i just can't get enough of is CallMeKat - an intelligent, danish sugar-indie-kitty. or in other words: a sympathic sweet lady from copenhagen that describes herself and her music as following: "vintage keyboards and organs, voice and cities, mountains, forests and rivers. sometimes loud, sometimes hushed." true!

her current album is called "when owls are out" and can be downloaded here.

it's supposed to keep on raining the whole weekend. more lightning, more thunder, more wetness. i would be ready to go outside, ready for the sunshine to come back, but until then i will take advantage of all this and stay on my couch, dreaming about better, sunny days - thanks to katrines outstandingly beautiful voice...

xo/ stephka
(did you notice the triangles in here name...? love!)

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