Tuesday, September 4, 2012

L∆BEL.W∆TCH /// Sustainable Footwear by Sydney Brown

Copyright: Sydney Brown
Copyright: Sydney Brown


It's not a secret I used to be vegan and even though I started eating animal products again from time to time (as long as I know where they come from) I am still very keen on the vegan lifestyle and product alternatives! No wonder I am more then happy about the current tendency regarding eco brands and their accomplishments within luxury fashion scene, because vegan materials CAN be as fashionable, hip and high-valued as the "real" ones!!! With a slight but important difference: No animal had to die or suffer to produce them!

Sydney Brown
is luxury footwear with a unique combination of highly desirable, dynamic design and ethical and sustainable production, launching in A/W 2012. Handmade by artisans in the UK and Portugal, the consciously constructed shoes are free of animal products and use eco-friendly materials such as coconut insoles, recycled and sustainable uppers, and wooden soles, aiming to create every pair of shoes with a ‘cradle to cradle’ life cycle.

Sydney Brown’s aesthetic is focused on sculptural lines and unusual detailing, obviously inspired by her ten years of living and working in Japan. This, coupled with her passion and understanding of the craft of shoemaking, has led to a unique luxurious and edgy first collection. Conclusion: WANTED!

Stay beautiful..!
xo Stephka


  1. I'm vegetarian for almost my whole life, but i'm not against leather wear and stuff like that. I'm only vegetarian because i don't like meat,but i get very excited when i found out amazing cloting items made of eco-friendly materials, and the wood is my favourite, i love clogs even tho a lot of people find them ugly, i just adore the wood-leather material combination. These second shoes are definitely something i wouldn't mind owning. :)

  2. I think it's incredibly important to start paying more attention to ecological and sustainable wears such as these shoes... Thanks so much for sharing this and proving that it's possible to find both style and sustainability in our world of fast-fashion!

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