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THINGS I LIKE /// Coming home to Sthlm...

Stockholm my love
It's been quite a while since my last post... And since I finally found the time to get some days off and went back to Sweden for a little midsummer break (always feels like "coming home") I thought - why not sharing a couple of impressions... The city is breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring and it seems like I can seriously call it my "second home" quite soon... The following places are just some of the reasons why I felt for it...

Judiths Second Hand - Vintage Treasuries

Judiths Second Hand | Hornsgatan 75 | 118 49 Stockholm (T Zinkensdamm)
Judiths Second Hand it's just such a cute place and I just love to hang out there and have a look around. Of course never without falling in love with something... This time it was this cute jeans vest from Levis, that fits perfectly and is sooo me. Come here, if you are fed up of all the Beyond Vintage Stores, who of course seem to have an unlimited range of clothes but are way far away from this amazing passion for detail as at Judiths! The prices differ between 100 SEK to whatever you can afford (it depends if you are buying a no-name dress or a Chloé Blazer, they have it all, but carefully selected).

The inside...
My this time catch

Gildas Rum - Have a Break, Have a Sandwich... 
The legendary tuna sandwich
Gildas Rum | Skånegatan 79 | Södermalm

Gildas Rum - The tuna sandwich at Gildas is probably the best Sandwich in the world and the place perfect to hang out at, within this super inspiring athmosphere. Perfectly situated next to small shops and parks in the south of Stockholm, I introduce everyone I know to this pearl. The interior is very welcoming and inspiring with wallpaper tricking your eye, making you think the place is packed with shelves of books. I love the laid-back service and cosy, homely feeling. The people working here are really sweet, their sandwiches and salads delicious and their caffe lattes a piece of art. And last but not least they have this cutie little dog running around all the time and make you feel even more welcome...

The book-shelves-wall & me
Tuna Salad (addiction)

Papercut Shop - Hard To Resist...

Papercut Shop - hier gibt es alles, was das Herz begehrt: Filme, Musik, Bücher und Zeitschriften und ich könnte Stunden damit verbringen durch die Regale zu stöbern. Besonders verlockend: das Regal mit den internationalen Modemagazinen. Daran habe ich jedes Mal schwer zu schleppen.

Papercutshop Krukmakargatan 24 | Södermalm T Mariatorget

Is one of my favourite places in Stockholm where I could spend hours just reading all these international fashion magazines. And they got it all: dvds, books, all the nice recent publications of worlds contemporary art scene and many more. Of course it is not as if we wouldn't have comparable places here in Berlin, but still... My advice: you rather finish your day with stepping by here as you definitely gonna buy a lot.

Keith Richards - finally available as paperback

love the cover

I finally bought the Keith Richards autobiography as it is available as paperback now and I can tell you: I love it! What the fuck I wanna be a rockstar too. Such an amazing lifetime, and so many seriously unbelievable stories. The Stones rule(d)! I also got the current i-d issue with this amazing punk editorial "Beats'n Pieces".

Konst-Ig - The Biggest Independent Scandinavian Book Trade!

KONST-IG Asögatan 124 | Södermalm | T Medborgarplatsen
For those of you to who the Papercut Shop still doesn't offer enough art magazines and publications, go to Konst-Ig in Södermalm. They definitely have it all and more, and though I didn't buy anything this time, I love to hang out there to get inspired. And just I love the simple scandinavian style of this place. It's by the way supposed to be the biggest independent scandinavian book trade for art literature...

Fotografiska - Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe

copyright by R. Mapplethorpe
Patti Smith
"Robert Mapplethorpe is undoubtedly one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. He was inspired by the sculpture of classical antiquity and the Renaissance, and translatedt this aesthetic to a time and culture of his own, namely New York's gay scne in the 1980s. The resulting photographs depict the unadorned bodies of muscular men as well as flowers for which he is known."

Thanks to Fotografiska with its big collection of photography I never care about rainy days in Stockholm :)! I am not sure how long this exhibition is gonna last, but I am glad I have seen it. And I can't wait to see Patti Smith finally live in august.... Thanks to Sara!
Die Fotografiska eröffnete im Mai 2010 mit u.a. einer großen Fotoausstellung von Annie Leibovitz im ehemaligen Zollgebäude aus rotem Ziegel direkt am Hafen. Wegen dieser angeblich weltgrößten fotografischen Sammlung darf es gern auch mal einen Tag regnen...

Vitabergsparken, Tantolunden & Vinterviken - Hanging Out In The Green....
Vitabergsparken & it's beautiful overview of Stockholm
I love Stockholm and have always enjoyed it, no matter how cold it was! But there is seriously nothing better then swedish summers! Why couldn't it last forever...?
I might not be a total expert, but my favourite ones so far are Vinterviken, Tantolunden (T-Zinkensdamm) and Vitabergsparken (the perfect place to take a break from Södermalms crowded and hip places).

Snotty..., Pet Sounds Bar & Landet - The Stockholm Aftershow...

Snotty... still closed...

Where to finish long and beautiful summer days? Sure, at a bar, with friends & swedish (overprized) beer.  There are a plenty of opportunities in Sthlm, although the city is quite small. My favourite places, with the best music selection are Pet Sounds Bar, Snotty Sounds Bar (both at Skånegatan, home to Stockholm’s most alternative bars) and Landet

Pet Sounds Bar is a natural home to music-addicts of all ages, as it spawned from Pet Sounds Records across the street — which remains a thriving alternative record store despite the download age. Pet Sounds Bar has an upstairs, which is quite chilled out with a restaurant area, and a basement, which is crowded and lively at weekends, complete with DJs.
Walk into Snotty Sounds Bar and you know you’re in a venue for people who are passionate about music. The walls are adorned with music posters, record covers and clippings, mostly from the New Wave era.  The place is usually really crowded and when a place is this small it can get quite claustrophobic with a lot of people, but Snottys seems to manage that perfectly.
If you leave Södermalm you must go to Landet at LM Ericssons Väg 27 in Midsommarkransen (T-Telefonplan). It's located in a former postoffice and it's so nice in summer to hang outside and enjoy lovely Swedish summer nights. They serve yummy french-swedish food and offer concerts and parties from wednesday to saturday. As the university of arts "Konstfack" is just across the street you bet you always meet interesting people...

Last But Not Least - Shopping In Stockholm...

It's hard to say what to start and to finish with, so I just wanna mention some of the places I love: Grandpa, King Lily, Acne Outlet, the new 5preview pop-up store, Brunogallerian,... But as I am too tired now to go on, more about that, next time! See you soon Sthlm!

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