Saturday, August 13, 2011

THINGS I LIKE /// Weekend Selection...
COSYNESS /// Pictures of sweet girls in lovely oversize cosy sweaters and messy-just-woke-up hair, who are on top even a big inspiration because I just started to realize my first ideas for woman.made and ended up with a lot of interesting material mixes. My favourites so far: Silk vs. Jeans vs. Leather! I miss lazy sundays in oversize boyfriend sweaters by the way, too much going on right now.

MUST HAVE /// Antonio Macarro made this book last year as a result of his admiration for an analytical interest in the publishing world and its structure. His unconventional view of the fashion world has been published in a limited edition of 1000 examples and includes chapters on Stephan Schneider, Raf Simons,Elenora Salvatore, Sophie Auster or Hermann Fankhauser.
The book will only be offered at the following stores around the world: SEVEN, NYC, OPENING CEREMONY, B STORE, HEIMAT, PARIS TEXAS, KRONKRON, PARK, SONG, PERSUADE, DEBUT. I just ordered it from Opening Ceremony, really hoping it's gonna arrive soon!

WILD ELEGANCE /// Wild Animals are so inspiring.... I don't know what it is exactly that fascinates me about them, the contrary attitude of their elegant outside and the rather dangerous inside or just this incredible beauty. I would really love to do a lot of prints with wolves, leopards and tigers somewhen... (Sometimes I really wish I had two lifes (or rather three or more...) to get all the things running through my head done. How are you supposed to do so within such a short time anyway... Damn evolution!)
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LONDON CALLING /// It's been a while since I went to Great Britains place to be, weird - since I used to live there quite a time and never felt like going back or just didn't find the time. Now I finally booked tickets (thanks to Lisa and Michelle) for a reunion with Tate Modern, Big Ben, London's Eye, Picadilly Circus, Oxford Street and, and, and. I guess London is probably not quite the same anymore as it used to be when I was 18, but still I am so excited to go back to all these places, kind of living all the nice memories again. We'll go to see The Antlers too and probably gonna visit a lot of "Beatles-Places" as I am travelling with their biggest fan on earth... Can't wait to see this foggy crowded streets again... 
After booking the tickets, I found this stunning vintage inspired London Tee at and of course felt in love. Didn't buy it though, but rather gonna watch out for some comparable real vintage shirt at our various Berlin flea markets...
GREEN OBSESSION /// I don't know when it happened that I finally care so much about plants (does that indicate I am growing up?), but they make appartments such a better place to live in. This composition is just perfect, with the white backgrounds and the carefully selected industrial details added. Reminds me about the lovely cottages in the Provence. Ohh, how I miss summer.

BIG ACCESSOIRES /// I found this picture quite some time ago at fffound and just felt in love with the big oversize knitted curves, as the perfect match to her perfect body and the pleated hair... Beautiful, without any further comment... Except that I of course forgot who was responsible for this lovely piece of art... I'll let you know, as soon as I found out or remember again. (It might have been a belgian female designer who just graduated, but still no name and sure I could also mix that up, too much information stuck in my head) 
Have a lovely weekend everyone... Love, Steph

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