Thursday, October 13, 2011

PEOPLE /// Lana del Rey - Femme Fatale To Be

Lana Del Rey - agente provocatrice versus femme fatale - is a compelling character, a mix of ghetto girl, Disney princess and old-school Hollywood star who sings cinematic dark pop - music wrapped in smoky, sultry and glamorous overtones.
Picture: Screenshot "Videogames"
Born in the rural town of Lake Placid, N.Y., and then relocated to a series of places- Alabama, New Jersey & New York city, but now spends most of her time in London.  

Picture: Lana del Rey
Wherever in the world Lana is, her obsession for film noir, Italian landscapes, big churches, roller coasters and the memory of faded stars like Bette Davis, Kurt Cobain, Nina Simone and Elvis are the chorus line for her music, her love for New York is her heartbeat. Amazingly inspiring, different girl who made my day...

Video Games is a highly addictive and kind of haunting song that doesn’t grate even after a million listens.

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