Friday, January 27, 2012

DRIVE /// Ryan Gosling is inflaming passions...

... and I was wondering - if H&M can do a "Girl with the dragon tattoo" inspired collection maybe someone else can do a "DRIVE" collection, please? Seriously, I am quite curios if and who is coming up first with that since this movie seems to divide opinions like no other one. At least people seem to agree about his style! Great movie and a shame Ryan didn't get an Oscar nomination for it! What's wrong with that, really?


  1. I agree about the great divide in this movie. I like it but my boyfriend thinks it sucks! Couldn't agree more with you that he had kick-ass style here! That scorpion jacket he has on is love!


  2. Hahaha.. It's the same here... girls love it, guys rather think it sucks! what's going on!? I definitely wanna have this jacket though!

  3. great movie, watched this again last night!

    Jackie xx