Friday, January 27, 2012

THINGS I LIKE /// Black & Gold Edition (while the outside world is covered up all white)

Designer: Stine Goya, Copenhagen

"Oh you pretty shoes" - The new Sneakers by Stine Goya. Actually not the kind of style I usually like and wear, but still such an adorable design and combination that I had to preorder them already - without trying them on before. Kinda excited! More pictures soon! To get at Voo Store Berlin.

Designer: All For The Mountain, New York.

"Pretty necklace" - Frustrated by the hustle of NYC, Carly Margolis escaped to the Catskills with her boyfriend to work on art and record music in an abandoned cabin in the woods (sth I'd love to do myself). During this time they spent in the woods, the Sacred Mountain Collection was born, inspired by sacred objects of past and future - ancient relics from an indigenous Meso-American civilization and symbols of some future nation. I am actually wondering how the record turned out!? Anyways, this little piece of art is on SALE now, to get here.

Designer: DSTM, Berlin
"Love at first sight" - I have been in love with this bag since the first time I saw it last year, desperately waiting they cut the price a bit and put it into SALE since then! So far it still costs 430,- Euros. I mean I am sure it's totally worth it, it's just that I don't wanna spend that much money on a clutch. Also thinking of making this one my next D.I.Y-project, still looking for the perfect vintage look-a-like in Stockholm to go for it. Keep your fingers crossed I'll find one, so I can post this editorial quite soon! If you like it too, you'll find it here.

"Pretty hot" - Ahh... I am so obsessed by this adorable two-piece combination, I would absolutely die for it! Again a great DSTM design that I can't get out of my head. The summer 2012 collection hasn't been released yet, but I really hope it's gonna be affordable, since I definitely wanna call this top and skirt my own... Again, a great collection guys!

Have a lovely day everyone!
xo from Stockholm, Steph