Thursday, January 26, 2012

W∆NTED.LOOK /// Marine Chic à la Alexa Chung


WANTED: Blue marine blazer & italian chic inspired accessories as seen on Alexa Chung

This year's just began but already seems to be completely booked - crazy. Best of all: I finally got in contact again with my sweet Italian friend I met in London quite some time ago, one of the best times in my life. I kinda regret that we haven't been in touch for so long, but am even more grateful for the mail I got a couple of days ago - an invitation to her wedding... in Italy. I am so excited, since I haven't seen her in years and now it's finally happening again, for such a meaningful reason. Of course I am attending (weeehhh!) and looking really forward - can't wait to see her, the beautiful area of the Tuscan backcountry and its people again! 
AGAIN: Congrats sweetheart, I am so happy for you guys and wish you all the best!

WHERE TO GET: At the 5preview summer 2012 "shoreline" collection

While I already started planning this trip I found this beautiful picture of Alexa Chung and felt even more like - why couldn't it be June already!? (Well, patience has never really been my biggest excellence), but at least I gonna have enough time to extend my wardrobe until then. Absolute must have: the 5preview marine blazer, the cavour no. 221 wallet and this beautiful shoreline silk scarf! Can't wait for the new collection to be released! Only thing missing so far: the scarface cabriolet, still (hard)working on that though ;)...!

Be safe!
xo, Steph


  1. The collection is lovely indeed! Congratulations to your friend! And dont worry, June will come soon ;)