Saturday, June 30, 2012

THINGS I LIKE /// Summer Edition

chloe swimwear. i know, it's insane to even think about spending that much money on swimsuits i am barely wearing anyways since my summer vacation plans so far rather lead me to cities as rome, stockholm and cagliari then to long beach- or poolsessions, but i just can't get these sweet beachwear out of my head. i'd say i am in big trouble - what do you think - worth the money or rather not?

blondie maxi dress - beautiful sulphur colored dress by aqua by aqua! i am still looking for a nice outfit for a couple of upcoming weddings and family parties, i am just not too sure if sulphur is the right color for me since berlin summers don't provide too much shafts of sunlight and my tan leaves a lot to be desired...
sweet rings by tiny armour. i am not only a fan of their sweet handmade jewelry but also of their whole design concept, most likely their innovative logo design (involving triangles as you can assume). to get at etsy for very reasonable prices. i couldn't resist and even ordered these three models.

candles by capri blue. a refreshing take on candlelight, formulated to burn for hours with an enduring fragrance. the natural essences and containers crafted from recycled glass add something special to every room. my favourite flavour is aloha orchid. a mixture of freshly picked orchids, jasmine and gardenia, entwined with white blossoms. also worth to try: volcano and mandarin mango.

happy weekend everyone! xo/ steph 


  1. oh wow, I love your choices. The swimsuits scream of femininity.


  2. love the chloe swimwear! and the stackable rings...I want all of themm